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Our experience with World Academy was everything we hoped for and more. As a parent, I loved being so hands on with my daughter's learning, and it was such an exciting moment to see her starting to read on her own. We are thankful to have had this experience.

World Academy tailored the assignments to our child's needs based on areas of strength and weakness. This meant that our first grader was able to excel in math and tackle the third grade level. If one of our kids did not master a skill, he/she could not move on like in a traditional classroom until the areas that lacked mastery were revisited.

With World Academy, we are able to complete school work on our schedule. All three kids did not have to be doing school work at the same time so as parents we could spend more time one on one with each kid. This flexibility helped our family meet each child's needs. The kids felt connected to their teacher and each one looked forward to the weekly one-on-one meeting.

We have been incredibly impressed with the program and the amount of time, dedication, and support our kids have received, as well as the flexibility for the kids to explore new challenges outside of the normal curriculum. Our kids have accelerated through their grade-level curriculum and are now studying materials 1-2 grades above their respective grades. World Academy is a successful, supportive, highly academically advanced option that we recommend other families who are interested, and can support an in-home environment, to check out.