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World Academy is a wonderful fit for our family for many reasons. We have had many life changes over the past couple years and the flexibility to complete school work anytime, anywhere works extremely well for our family and our schedule. We are able to prioritize family time and school time as it works for us. Not only are our children growing academically, but they have grown physically and mentally stronger because they have more balance in their lives. They are able to sleep when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, play outside when their minds need a break and get more love and emotional support than they did in the public school setting. Our two children have completely different learning styles and both have individual needs that are better met when they are home schooling with one on one attention and support. They are both thriving with their World Academy programs because their work is tailored to meet them exactly where they are. They have grown exponentially since we started World Academy because they are able to take their learning farther, focus and retain more when they are not in a traditional classroom. Each of them have regular projects to supplement their coursework, which are always a fun way to wrap up their learning and relate it to every day life. We have noticed much deeper understanding of the material when they have a chance to recreate what they learned in projects, videos, writing assignments and reports.  If you value family time and have the ability to commit to helping your child achieve all their academic goals, this program is a gift. The time we have gotten back with our kids, time that they normally would have spent away from us, is something we will forever treasure. Watching our children grow, mature and being such a big part of their learning, not only allows us to instill our family values as part of their education, but helps us shape the district education to be exactly what our kids need it to be. We are forever grateful to be a part of the World Academy community and family.  –Parents of Elementary and Middle School World Academy Students

Our experience with World Academy was everything we hoped for and more. As a parent, I loved being so hands on with my daughter's learning, and it was such an exciting moment to see her starting to read on her own. We are thankful to have had this experience.

With World Academy, we are able to complete school work on our schedule. All three kids did not have to be doing school work at the same time so as parents we could spend more time one on one with each kid. This flexibility helped our family meet each child's needs. The kids felt connected to their teacher and each one looked forward to the weekly one-on-one meeting.

We have been incredibly impressed with the program and the amount of time, dedication, and support our kids have received, as well as the flexibility for the kids to explore new challenges outside of the normal curriculum. Our kids have accelerated through their grade-level curriculum and are now studying materials 1-2 grades above their respective grades. World Academy is a successful, supportive, highly academically advanced option that we recommend other families who are interested, and can support an in-home environment, to check out.