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Program Overview

World Academy – Elementary serves students and families in kindergarten through fifth grade in Eagle County and surrounding communities. We recognize and respect families who want an online alternative to traditional schooling, and World Academy offers a unique approach to homeschooling at the elementary level.

Our elementary program provides a more “hybrid” approach to support the social-emotional development of students. In-person experiences include field trips, group work, social activities, and a regular schedule of 1:1 teacher time.

At the elementary level, parent or family involvement is vital in supporting the learner. It can be challenging for young students to engage with online coursework independently, and they often want to demonstrate and celebrate their learning with an adult. Strong educational support systems at home help online students thrive in their learning. This can mean simply being willing to keep an eye on the student’s work and progress.

Or, this can mean parents participating in lessons with their student, watching videos, reading and providing feedback on writing, reviewing materials before an assessment, and setting aside time (and materials) for science labs. It all depends on the needs and interests of you and your students.