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Why World Academy?

Students and families seek out online schooling for a variety of reasons, including a need for customized educational approaches, consistent (often international) travel, unique schedules for athletes or performers, or simply a preference for homeschooling. Whether you have specific interests in education, are in search of a curriculum that reflects your own personal values, or just want a flexible schooling option to fit your schedule, World Academy provides individualized programming to support students and families in their learning. 

World Academy is not a concession to a standard education where students check boxes and complete monotonous workbooks. Our rigorous curriculum offers the public school experience with the flexibility of homeschooling for students and families who want (or need) something different from the traditional classroom.

At the elementary level, our online programming is most appropriate for students with a strong support system at home. Online coursework requires family involvement for young students to keep them on-track and focused. For families local to Eagle County, our elementary students have opportunities to learn with other students and build relationships through group work, field trips, and outdoor activities.

As students get older and become more independent, we expect them to take more responsibility for their education. Secondary students who are self-motivated and organized thrive in online schooling with access to challenging and customized coursework through Imagine Learning’s Edgenuity courseware.

Learn more about our World Academy Elementary Program and World Academy Secondary Program to see if online school is the right decision for you.

A World Academy family plays a student-created board game together.