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K-12 FAQs

General Questions 
  • Is World Academy part of the public school system in Eagle County?
    • Yes. World Academy is a public option for online programming offered through the Eagle County School District.
  • What ages/grades do you serve in World Academy?
    • World Academy offers programming for students in kindergarten-grade 12.
  • Who is eligible to enroll in World Academy?
    • All children in kindergarten through grade 12 residing within the Eagle County School District are eligible to enroll. There is a possibility that there may be space for out-of-district students. Contact us if you are interested.
  • Does World Academy follow the same school year calendar as the rest of Eagle Schools?
    • Yes.
  • Is World Academy for everyone?
    • Absolutely! World Academy offers a customized learning opportunity for students. We provide flexibility for families regarding a variety of needs. Please keep in mind that this is an online program. A significant amount of screen time is to be expected. If this will not be a good fit for your student, online learning may not be the best option. Online learning also requires a great deal of independence and the ability to stay on top of tasks while working at one’s own pace. While considering whether this will be a good fit for your student, please contact us to discuss your questions and your child’s individual needs.
Instructional Questions
  • How is instruction delivered?
    • All of the content and courses offered through World Academy are delivered online. In the elementary grades, the pre-recorded content is presented in engaging, colorful ways following the ‘gradual release of responsibility’ model. In the secondary grades, students watch pre-recorded videos, interact with virtual labs, and read a variety of content-related text. 
  • Will my child meet with a teacher face-to-face?
    • World Academy is an online program. The majority of instruction and presentation of content takes place in an online format. When possible, World Academy offers in-person opportunities for academic support, such as Learning Labs, with Eagle County School District teachers. Please contact one of the coordinators for details pertaining to your student’s program.
  • What type of device will my student need to access World Academy online school? 
    • A school district chromebook will be issued to Eagle County School District students enrolled in World Academy. A personal desktop, laptop, etc. may also be used to access course and class content for World Academy students. iPads have been less successful with our online programming, than school district-issued chromebooks.
  • Will the World Academy curriculum align with the curriculum at my neighborhood school?
    • World Academy programming follows the Common Core State Standards. Students will be learning the same concepts and topics as their peers in neighborhood schools but most often it is with different, online materials. We customize courses to meet the needs of your student.
  • Does my student have to log in and meet with teachers at a specific time?
    • Generally speaking, no, not for instruction. The time spent on schoolwork is unique to each student. Teachers will set up meeting times with students for regular check-ins. 
  • Are students in World Academy required to take the State tests?
    • World Academy follows the same plan for State testing as the rest of Eagle County School District.
  • Who do I contact if my child is having difficulty with their online school work?
    • Please contact the coordinator of your child’s program: Elementary, Erika Donahue; Secondary, Christina Gosselin. Contact information can be found on the home page of the World Academy website.
  • Once my student has started at World Academy, can they  go back to their  neighborhood school? 
    • Absolutely. We are very flexible and want to meet the needs of families as they surface throughout the school year. We work closely with the neighborhood schools to ensure students have a smooth transition.
  • How many hours of schoolwork per day is my child required to complete?
    • Hours spent on coursework differs based on grade level and course load.
  • Is my student eligible to participate in sports/clubs at other schools?
    • Yes. We work closely with neighborhood schools to ensure that students have access to extra-curricular activities.
  • Is World Academy NCAA approved?
    • Yes.