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I have really enjoy doing school on World Academy this year. I have a flexible schedule and can do school whenever and wherever is best for me. The teachers are so helpful when I ask a question. I have just really enjoy all that I have learned this year. Thank you!!! 

We chose this program for our 8th grader when the pandemic hit, looking for experience and consistency with online schooling. It was a great decision for our family. It allowed our student to go at her own pace. She was academically challenged more than she had ever been attending other schools. The teachers at World Academy were amazingly responsive to any needs our student had and were regularly in touch the same day a question or need was posed to them. Although we plan to return to school in person for next year, we will remember World Academy should we ever need it in the future. Everyone affiliated deserves a great deal of credit for the work they have done for their students this year. Thank you for everything!

My daughter transferred into World Academy for her 8th grade year, mainly because of the Covid-19 epidemic and risk factors of and to family members. While the Edgenuity online software instruction format required her to make some adjustments, she’s had the best year of school in her life!  She’s found that she is innately self directed and resourceful, and rapidly learned to use Khan Academy and other web resources to augment the Edgenuity instruction, and has loved the ability to complete the assignments on her own schedule, at the times of day and night that suited her each day. Frankly, the experience has been transformative - she’s gained confidence in herself, learned to enjoy learning for its own sake and has set long term goals for the first time.  Her grades have never been better. The support staff and teachers at World Academy were always available to answer any questions and assist her as needed.