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Program Overview

World Academy – Secondary serves students and families in sixth through twelfth grade in Eagle County and surrounding communities. We recognize and respect that a traditional classroom experience may not meet the unique needs of every student. World Academy offers a unique approach to homeschooling, as well as the ability to customize courses to meet the interests and goals of students.

In addition to licensed professionals through Imagine Learning, World Academy students have access to local Eagle County teachers for the occasional extra support. Our relationship with Eagle County School District ensures we can work with schools to build meaningful partnerships and offer well-rounded experiences for online students.

World Academy is a rigorous educational experience best suited for students who are motivated, organized, independent learners who want to engage in schooling. Their natural curiosity and creativity foster their desire to learn and explore their interests. Students are encouraged to analyze complex content, ask deeper questions, and take the time to learn the content and skills to prepare them for the challenges of the future and not just "do" school. 

At the secondary level, World Academy students typically fall into one of two main categories.

1. Full-Time 
  • Whether students need a schooling solution due to circumstances that prevent them from attending school in-person or an online education is the preference of the student or family, World Academy offers a full curriculum to support student learning.

2. Supplemental
  • World Academy is also a viable option for students interested in or needing additional credits. Our online program can provide opportunities for classes related to specific interests, alternatives for a standard course load due to scheduling conflicts, or a means to obtain additional credits either for a more challenging coursework or credit recovery. Requires administrative approval from the student’s school.